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About Us

Sycamore Grounds Coffee House: Established 2012

About Us

Come visit Houston’s best coffee shop right outside the city. With a true love for fine coffee, and wanted to establish an place that is quaint and off the beaten path. The Golden Acres area of Pasadena, TX, seemed to be the perfect location.  We are located across the street from Silver Sycamore and Sycamore Grounds fits right in. We created an area for guests to get away from the bustling city and be taken back to a simpler time.

The main focus is providing a “Local Coffee Shop” where guests can come to enjoy the finest quality coffee and in-house made pastries. We serve and sell coffee that is roasted in a manner that accentuates its distinctions. Furthermore, balances the acidity, sweetness, and depth of flavors.

Served in a warm, rustic, old style artistically inspired atmosphere Sycamore Grounds allows you to sit back and enjoy collections of local artist pieces on the walls and music. Also, a perfect place for studying, reading, playing chess with locals or just quiet time with your favorite drink.

Now is the Perfect Time!

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We have joined the movement of Buy 1 Give 1. Each month we will be taking on different projects from around the world to help impact all walks of life. Check here each month to see where we’re giving, and what cause we are giving to! The map will indicate where our project is taking place and what it is!